2020 Series: Winners and Thank You

This year was the first year I ran the Museums and Me Series, to find the island of Ireland’s favourite family-friendly cultural hubs. The series originally ran on my blog, Pitter Patter Paint, as a side-project to create a directory of all of these hubs. However, it quickly became clear to me that it was morphing into much more than that!

This year’s awards have come to a close, with winners and runners-up announced on 1st October (check them out below!), but that is certainly not the end for Museums and Me. I have some exciting projects which I will be developing in the background, and I hope to launch the full Museums and Me website later in the year.

The full website will include an on-going directory of family-friendly cultural hubs, from museums and galleries, to gardens, farms and forests.

Alongside this I’ll be blogging regularly about new workshops, programmes and initiatives across Ireland, sharing a calendar of events, creating resources for families as well as staff working in cultural institutions… and so much more!

If you work in a cultural institution and would like your site to be fast-tracked into the directory (as opposed to me adding you at a later stage), please contact me directly.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with Museums and Me, launch dates, and the 2021 Series, you are welcome to sign up to my newsletter below!

Thanks so much everyone, and see you very soon!

Claire at Museums and Me

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2020 Winners

Congratulations are in order for all of the winners and runners-up of the Museums and Me 2020 Series! You were all chosen by public vote and it is a huge testament to your hard work and commitment to making culture accessible to families across Ireland. Thank you so much for taking part, and congratulations again! You will all receive your digital certificates and badges by email.

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