Quarantine Halloween

It goes without saying that this year’s Halloween experience is going to be a completely different one. Swap out bonfires, sparklers and pumpkin patches, for scary films, family fancy-dress and treats at home. Just because we are a lot more house-bound this year, doesn’t mean we have to be bored. I am amazed and proud of the museum, arts and heritage community for re-imagining Halloween, and opening up an otherworld of activities to keep you and your family entertained.

I’ve set up the hashtag #museumstrickortweet over on the Museums and Me Twitter, so do follow along as I’ve been sharing some lovely digital and home-based projects and activities to keep you occupied. This blog is really just a selection of my favourites so far. So, let’s check them out!

The Witches Parade: Crawford Art Gallery

Image from Crawford Art Gallery Website

As soon as I saw this video on Twitter it I knew I had to include it. This is a fantastic short film called ‘The Witches Parade’ and has been put together by Julie Forrester. It’s a fun stop-motion clip that demonstrates how to make simple Halloween-inspired puppets for a show. The great thing about this is how versatile it is so you can reapply the same techniques for other seasonal events! The gallery have a wealth of digital projects freely accessible on their website (my niece and nephew tried and tested some). Highly recommended!

Try it Out!

Curse Hunters: Bram Stoker Festival

Image from Bram Stoker Festival Website

I’m going to continue saying how much I love all of these activities but honestly I wouldn’t have included them if I didn’t think they were amazing. What is fantastic about this event is just how mysterious it is, but it just looks like so. much. fun. Bram Stoker Festival are incredible with family events, they really know what families want, and this year they have gone above and beyond with online content. This is a free game/app that you can play from October 30th up to November 2nd, and you’ll have various tasks and challenges to complete in the household with your Curse Hunter Pack. It is free but I imagine it’ll fill up very quickly so visit the link below for more info. I’d sign up with my 6 month old but I don’t know how much of a Curse Hunter she is at this stage. More interested in chewing her own feet than.. I dunno, saving the universe.

Try it Out!

Halloween Spooktacular: EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

Image from EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

EPIC have a whole host of activities going on this season but something that has been absolutely brilliant – and consistently so since Lockdown 1.0 (beta), has been their History-at-Home Packs. These are free PDFs that have a huge range of activities from fact files, arts and crafts and puzzles to home-based challenges. Needless to say for this blog I’m highlighting their Halloween Spooktacular pack, so have a GOO.

Try it Out!

Virtual Halloween Workshops: Dublin Zoo

Image from Dublin Zoo Website

Dublin ZooOOoooooOOo have gone virtual this year based on our second lockdown, and have a lovely selection of online family workshops for different age groups! From storytelling workshops to cryptozoology (werewolves anyone?), they’ve got you covered. Workshops are delivered by zoom and sure to appeal to all the Halloween and animal-lovers in the house.

Try it Out!

Dracula’s Disco: The Ark

Image from the Ark Website

This fangtastic virtual disco is an event that the whole family can get involved in! Get dressed up in all your fearsome finery and dance along to some monstrous music. The event is free but ticketed so be sure to visit the link for more info on reserving your space.

Try it Out!

Creativity at Home: The Glucksman

Image from the Glucksman Website

The Glucksman have been an amazing resource for families during these trying times, and their reputation is international. How can I not include something from the incredible team who won a Kids in Museums Award for Best International Digital Activity! Their Creativity at Home videos are great ways to escape into a creative otherworld, and their latest Halloween-inspired video shows families how to make beautiful window decorations.

Try it Out!


To share your favourite Halloween-inspired events and workshops, or to find some more, please check out the #museumstrickortweet over on Twitter. I’m delighted to share any and all content you have!

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