Supporting the Museum Community with Curate|Create Café

I’ve been involved in a lot of children’s events working in heritage, and I don’t know about you but I’ve always thought how much fun they are and wondered why we, as adults, should miss out on that?

With such a huge focus on supporting families and the public during these awkward pandemic-fuelled times, hardworking museum community members are often forgotten about. Every now and then it’s great to check in and make sure everyone is doing okay, and what better way to do that than combining a chat with some stupidly simple arts and crafts?

A Curate|Create Café is a free and casual online workshop to bring together members of the heritage, culture and arts community (museums, galleries, libraries, heritage centres, visitor centres, etc). We’ll do an arts and crafts activity using very basic materials from home, and chat about nonsense. Bring a cup of tea, coffee, wine, your cat… whatever you need!

I have the artistic skill of a boiled sock, does this matter? Absolutely not. When I say simple arts and crafts, I mean ridiculously simple. Simple enough that you only need to half pay attention and use the other half to ramble.

Who is this open to? This is a free session open to anyone in the museum/heritage community, whether you’re volunteering, doing an internship, you’re a freelance facilitator or you’ve worked in the same office for 150 years.

Is this a serious workshop? Don’t ever take anything too seriously. Honestly this will just be a place to come and de-stress and, hopefully, distract you from any chaos unfolding in the outside world.

Okay I’m sold, how does it work? Once I have gauged interest in this I will set a date and put up a booking form. When I have enough people I’ll send the participants an email with a themed session pack. It will include a list of basic materials you should be able to find in your own home (or materials that can be gotten very cheaply) and a step-by-step guide for the activity. I’ll also send on a WhatsApp chat link so people have an option to introduce themselves and break the ice in advance of the actual crafts session.

How long is the session? The video chat will be approx. an hour. If I think it is going to be longer I’ll let you know in advance!

Great! How can I find out more? If Curate|Create Café is something you’d like to be kept up to date with, or you have further questions, please fill out the form below! By filling out the form you give me permission to contact you with information regarding Curate|Create Café.

Register your Interest

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