What’s On the Way

Hi everyone! I’ve been busy the last few weeks and been fairly quiet on the website so I thought I would do a progress report for you and keep you up to date with what’s coming up on Museums and Me over the next few weeks!

I am more active on social media (much quicker to share updates at the tap of a button, especially with a very active baby), so for more frequent check-ins and to see what I’m gabbing about in general, you can follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I just ran a giveaway for ‘Dead Zoo’ by Peter Donnelly and hope to run more at a later stage, so keep an eye out for more fun stuff coming your way!

It has been interesting balancing an almost-8-month-old (whose baldy head is the featured image for this post) and a growing website. But it has been nice having that bit of escapism from what seems like an endless pool of squashed banana and smeared p….eanut butter everywhere. I mean everywhere. So, without further ado…

Curate|Create Café: Quizmas Edition

The next Curate|Create Café ‘Quizmas Edition’ takes place on 17th December! Really looking forward to this one and running it with my lovely friend and previous colleague Emily. These laid back sessions are brilliant ways to meet people in the museum community and have a bit of fun outside of work! The quiz-questions will be museum-related and there will also be some bonus crafting challenges. The event is ticketed on Eventbrite but to manage community bookings it is password protected. You can visit the Curate|Create Café landing page to request access to book your spot! Cafés are free events but there are limited spaces so be sure to sign up. Click here to go the landing page!

12 Crafts of Christmas

This is a big activity resource I’m working on for families this Christmas! I’ve selected 12 different Irish cultural institutions, along with an artefact, story or person from each. Starting on December 25th, and for 12 days (obviously, the 12 Days of Christmas!), I’ll be posting each activity pack online to download. The featured content may not necessarily be Christmas-related (one of them is actually a fireplace keystone, can you guess from where?), but all of the crafts take inspiration from the objects and are given a festive twist. The idea is to learn something new and have a bit of fun too. Not only this, but I really want to highlight different cultural spaces around Ireland and what they have! So hopefully adult craft-assistants will also learn something new this Christmas. 🙂

Directory Update

I have finally reached a layout that I am happy with in terms of directory entries and I have received a few submissions from around the country to be included (thank you everyone who has submitted so far!) The directory is free advertising and won’t ever cost anything so if you want your site included please contact me for an application form. Facilitators will have their own section so if you are a freelance workshop facilitator and like to provide workshops for museums (even museum training) do let me know. I’ll also be doing a section for purely-online resources/online museums. I am really hoping to get this opened up and ready for early 2021, so hopefully now I have the template finalised I should fly through the submissions. If you are interested in being featured in the directory just send me an email, I’d be thrilled to include you!

So, lots planned and coming down the tracks, not instant of course as my daughter is getting to an age that requires a lot more supervision than before!

Thanks to everyone who has supported the project by sharing, retweeting, and all of this. It means a lot and is fantastic to get the word out, so thank you so much!

I’ll be keeping you updated and hope you’re all having a great November – I am in serious denial it is Christmas next month. What happened there?!


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