Update/Personal Hiatus

Apologies it has been such a long time since I have posted on here. I had full intention of posting an update over Christmas but time just fell away (we also got married and adopted a dog!) and before you know it… it’s February.

The last few months have been incredibly challenging for a lot of reasons. I posted a brief update on social media about it before Christmas. If you didn’t catch it… a year as a first-time parent – in an almost constant lockdown – has been very tough, and very isolating. I had hoped that having something like Museums and Me to work on would provide a good distraction, and it did. Unfortunately as my daughter got older and more active it became increasingly difficult to work on properly. Under normal circumstances I would have set aside some time each week to build and update, but with restrictions etc we haven’t been able to have any family come to us and with my partner working full time it hasn’t been possible.

It has been so disappointing knowing this website is just sitting here – I have so many ideas and no time at all to get them out. I had set myself a deadline which has been completely thrown off! So for now, I’m removing that deadline. Just know I will be working away on this website, but it may take longer than originally anticipated to get the first batch of directory entries up. I will make more of an effort to keep you updated via social media. I have to delay renewing my premium WordPress package for now, for financial reasons, but the website will still be here and accessible as I continue adding to it. You can still submit your site to be included in the directory and I will email and let you know once it is ready for you. Thanks again to those who have submitted, I will be publishing your directory entries over the next month or so. 🙂

As always you can email me with any questions or to request a directory form.

I appreciate your understanding as I navigate this time: for about 20 hours a day I have a keyboard-bashing baby pretty much strapped to me, and the remaining hours are spent trying to claw back some kind of sleep.

I will do better to keep you updated from now on, but just letting you know now that I am still here, still inhaling coffee, and looking forward to a brighter season this Spring.

Chat soon! 🙂


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